Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Moving day...

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I have been stalking my inbox for tracking information for like the last week or so. Its pretty fun to wait on the post while I keep myself busy with the house! So, today, a nice little package arrived from our friends at . Inside were three very nice GroVia shells. Not just any GroVia shells. No, these were the new prints. The long-awaited and much anticipated moment had finally arrived! The planes is just plain cute-no pun intended! The owls is gorgeous, but I already knew due to our arrival of the GroVia aio in this print. And, then there was elegant. Not new, but we NEEDED this color. I am waiting on Mod Flowers and Nature in both aio's and shell sets. I absolutely, without a doubt, love the new soakers. We are about to do prepping to get these puppies to use! So, enjoy the season, and the snow if you have it. Merry Christmas- FT

Yesterday, I will admit to sleeping in.  I was so tired and defunct and just needed the rest.  I heard the doorbell and I sprang out of bed, alert!  Now, you might think I am foolish, but I am hardwired to know when the postal carrier gets here.  I am even more alert on the days when I know to expect a package!  So, I open my door, and standing there, is our postal carrier wearing a goofy Santa hat.  I smile and thank him, and politely gather my packages from him.  I rush inside, and laugh happily.  My fluff is here!  I ooh and ahh over the contents.  The feeling is lovely!  We received GroVia Aio's (our current faves), and GroVia shells with their soakers.  They are so well made.  I love them so much more than their previous GroBaby versions.    I personally think that the Natural Baby Company really did well, by making these changes.  This just goes to show that some companies DO listen.  I wish that others would follow this example.  My other package is not diaper fluff, but its Janie & Jack Fluff, which is nice too!  Clothing Fluff....but that is another blog for another time!  So, I gather all of our fluff, throw it into the wash, and start the process of prepping.   I think that these are the days when I am most happy.  This is the twilight period when, my oldest child is stepping into young adulthood, and my youngest cooing and smiling toothlessly at me.  These are the days when I feel the turn of time less quickly.  I will admit that cloth diapers have brought something so precious into my life.  I do not have to whip a diaper out, and then throw it away.  I get to choose prints, colors, fabrics.  Will I use a Snappi today with prefolds?  Will I use an all in one or should I stick to all Softbums today?  Maybe, I will just do natural bamboo and wool for a while...  Using cloth has enabled me to spend time with my children.  These are precious, irreplaceable moments of love...  I hear the clock ticking, and I know that time marches forward, heartlessly.  But, for now, I have my babies, and I have cloth.  And, these are the days that I will treasure forever. 

This Christmas is special.  It has to be.  This is the last Christmas in which we will have a new baby.  She is our last, and so with it, comes some heart pangs, and of course the obligatory sniffle and tear or two.   So, I decided that I wanted to give her something special.  I could do the mandatory stuffed animal.  The cutesy doll and blocks.  But, I have decided to partake of the goodness of fluff.  So, for Christmas, she will find herself receiving cloth.  All kinds of cloth.  All in ones, all in twos, pockets, inserts...  They will all be for her.  I love that she will be receiving something that she will use, and that will teach her about preserving resources at the same time.  Albeit, she is only a small infant, but it is never to late to teach our children about leaving smaller footprints.  Oh, and the fluff is good this year!!   I have had the great fortune of finding some awesome wahm's who offer so many choices in fluff therapy!!  Our current faves are listed here for your viewing and spending pleasure. 
Stacy, the mama who runs this joint, is awesome.  I have her website saved on my computer.  I placed an order with her during the Black Friday Sale at Wal-Mart.  As, I stood among hungry, and impatient people chomping at the bit for blankets and televisions, I cackled with glee browsing her sale.  I 'woohoo'ed' without a care when my order went through, not caring that I received stares.  That is how much we love this website.  Always a code, and always a good deal.  Stacy rocks-nuff said. 
Okay, so this isn't your usual e-storefront...but ya know, CaraLin has above and beyond Customer Service!  She is very popular on a particular diapering forum, in which moms flock to her to get their stashes done right.  You have questions?  She will answer!  She is the reason more moms should not be afraid to try cloth.  She cares deeply about her one and ONLY product.  That's right folks!  Miss CaraLin only offers you Softbums.  Those lovely little morsels of adjustable goodness, are the sole items on this website.  CaraLin will custom make you a package to match your baby's needs.  No questions, no problem!  Give her a try if you have a hankering to try Softbums!  You will love her!
We have had fun ordering from the mama here!  I love her Facebook page, because she regularly updates, which is important!  She has a neat, well put together webstore.  I tend to stay away from storefronts that are messy and unkempt, no matter how good their prices.  Not so with this place!!  I have found codes for added savings here as well.  Kristin, the proprietor is a peach!   She offers you BumGenius, Softbums, Bottombumpers, and so much more.  Adorable baby products that make you whip out your credit card faster than you can say 'mine!' 
Okay, I know what you are thinking...yes, this is NOT a store.  Its a forum.  You are correct.  But, if you are on budget, like to swap, or maybe have paypal to burn, then this might be for you!  I have found wonderful deals lately at the FSOT forum on DS.   If you have been burned in the past by swaps or purchases from FSOT places, then I understand.  But, most of these moms and dads really do want to want to give you a good deal.  It's like a virtual flea market!  Proceed with caution, and then decide if you'd like to save and find sometimes hard to find prints, or even, now extinct diaper goodies!!  I purchased Brand New BumGenius Elementals the other day for a song!  I have traded lonely covers, for aio's that I wanted to try out!  It's worth a look-see!!  And, if anything, you will find yourself surrounded by a plethora of cloth diapering novices, troopers, and experienced cloth using veterans. 
Okay, so that is my little list of fluff therapy sites.  Have a site that you think should be listed?  Give me a holler, and I will investigate and post them on here:)  Do you know of current sales or codes?  By all means, send me the info, so we can pass it along to other parents!  This Christmas promises to be a blast!  I cannot wait to see Baby Sixta open up (okay, it will be me) her packages!  Happy Holiday Folks!  And, remember Fluff Therapy is good!

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