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Fluffy Ponderings for January

Dreaming of fluff...
Over the years, I have developed a desire to teach and spread the word about cloth diapering.  Sometimes, people are in disbelief that I have cloth diapered six children!  And, then you talk to  parents, who say with longing in their voice, that they wished they could have, but would not even know where to get started.  I feel sadness for them. 
So, as time marches on, questions have accumulated in my head.  How much fluff is enough?  Are custom, expensive diapers better?  Is my stash too bare bones?  Will people ever come around and appreciate cloth diapering?  So, I have resolved to answer some of my own 'fluffy ponderings.'

How much fluff is enough? 
 Usually, when I find out about new products out there, I notice that ol' adrenaline rush, and that taunting voice that tells my brain "you have to try this!!"  Okay...I know what you are thinking.  Mind over matter right?  WRONG!!  You will hear of moms (or dads) who say that they have finally reached 'cloth nirvana', or have entered into an area of 'diaper bliss'.  Ummm...yes, this can happen.  It has to me on occasion.  BUT, cloth diapers are always evolving, and for the better,too.  So, you will find that after a month or even a year of using the same system, you might find yourself eyeing the newest cover.  Or, you may find yourself dreaming (you know you do-lol) about that AIO that everyone is hoohawing about over at the diaper forums.  You just have to see what all the fuss is about!  I personally think that your diaper stash should be as large or as small as you want it to be! 

Are custom or expensive diapers better? 

'Eiffel Tower'
BumGenius Elemental AIO
Chelsea Perry Designer Series

 I believe that price and trendiness should never be an indicator of a diaper's reliability.  However, if you are one of the parents who love couture cloth, then I say, enjoy!!  Cloth can be wonderfully trendy and so chic!!  I remember some years back, when a certain mama was making these amazing windpro outer AIO's with appliques.  They were highly sought after, and went for hundreds of dollars on a now defunct auction site.  I used to sigh and *wish* I could just afford to bid.  Many argued that they were just diapers after all.  I saw them as usable art.  And, they were!   

Is my stash too bare bones? 

Econobums System
$48.95 for complete set!
While, its nice to own a $30 fitted diaper, its equally nice to wake up to dry sheets and only have spent $15!   Don't feel bad if you can only afford prefolds and basic covers!  I started out and still own prefolds!!  I love them.  There is just something so elemental and sweet about a fluffy prefold diaper!  It is the 'work horse' of the cloth world, and so under appreciated.  Same with flats!  They are so trim and you can use them in all kinds of ways.  I know of moms who only use Cotton Babies' Econobum system.  These are your basic (but still cute) covers and wonderfully absorbent prefolds.  You can get a whole box for $48.95! 

Will people ever come around and appreciate cloth diapering? 
Organic Cotton
Cloth Diapering Support Onesie
available from
 If ever there was a time to choose cloth, it is now.  Cloth is quickly becoming mainstream, and offers so many choices.  Finally, cloth diapering is finally getting its time to shine!  Its not just something only 'those' moms or dads use.  People are really paying attention.  I hoot with delight, when I see news clips or magazine layouts dedicated to fluffy goodness! Go cloth!!

I leave you now, with hope and love in my heart.  I know that as I type this, our diapering days are numbered.  We are in that twilight time of enjoying our fluff...  But, our stash is ever changing and always getting better!  And, I know that one day, I will look back and smile.  Why?  Well, because, I was able to turn something so agelessly needed, into wonderful memories of being a mother.  

  Until next time my friends...  BWL


 Economical to Midrange Choices!

My thoughts about these diapers...
Flats and prefolds are a great way to diaper newborns or to start your stash.  This is especially true if you are on a budget, or if you just like the simplicity of these systems.  Covers vary from snaps to aplix.  We especially love that covers are coming in so many choices now!  Prints are your way of being different and adding fun to your stash without spending too much!

Bummis Super Brite Wrap
Sized Cover
'Pistachio' print

Thirsites Duo Wrap
Two sizes available
'Blackbird' print


Flip Hybrid Systems
Washable or Disposable inserts available
One Size
$16.95 for shell
Sets start at $19.95 and up

In regards to the newer 'Hybrid' and AI2 systems... While the initial cost may seem higher than say prefolds and covers, these systems and diapers work out to be quite economical!  For instance, both the GroVia and Softbums are designed to have their inner soakers snapped out.  This design, allows you, as the consumer, to purchase less shells (covers), therefore saving money.  Flips are not snapped in, but do have a soaker that lays in quite well.  GroVia and Flips both have their respective 'hybrid' options.  This is a biodegradable, disposable insert that can be used for trips, or for those who favor both cloth and disposables.  Due to their design, these diapers' inserts dry quicker and are one-size, allowing further savings! 

Softbums Shell
Shells available in Omni or Echo System
$21.95 up


GroVia Shell
One Size
Inserts available for AI2 system
'Owls' print
$16.95 up

Couture and Custom Choices!

These are the one of kind or collectible darlings of the cloth world.  Customs can be quite breathtaking to behold.  Your child's name can be emblazoned on the bum of a luxe bamboo velour fitted.  You may find wool longies that have amazing scenes depicted on the legs, or in colorways with quirky names.  Often, you will never see another custom like yours!  Couture or designer diapers are elusive and available in hard to find or boutique quality prints.  They may be printless and be made up of totally organic fabrics with gorgeous embroidery and topstitching. (think El Bee Baby)  They also come with price tags that many shy away from.  Many are collectables, and highly sought after on diapering forums.  Customs often have waiting lists that any Gourmet Diaper lover will tell you, is worth it!  You can find many examples of custom and couture/designer diapers on !
Dunk-N-Fluff Fitted
Sized Fitteds
"Bacon and Eggs" Print

Do you know of any other awesome finds?  Maybe you have a pondering of your own?  Drop us a line and let us know!!

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