Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Age of All In Ones!!

If you thought diapering was too hard and too complicated, then allow me to introduce you the wonderful world of All-In-One diapers, or, aio's as they are fondly known as in the cloth diapering world.
Aio's, are a combination of an outer waterproof layer and an attached or semi-attached, absorbent soaker interior. They are designed to go on as easily as a disposable diaper. Closures vary from snaps or aplix. They can close in the front or in the side snapping fashion. Interior fabrics range from microfiber terry topped with a stay-dry layer (suedecloth or fleece),velours or hemp, to luxe textiles like bamboo and organic cotton. If you ever wanted variety in your quest for an aio, right now is THE time to try out different brands. The current darlings of the cloth world are showcasing fun prints, ranging from mod to traditional. Colors are vibrant and available in a rainbow of shades. Interior soaker options are amazingly varied! Our stash consists of mainly GroVia and BumGenius Elemental (formely known as Organics) Aios.
We recently tried the newer Swaddlebees Simplex Aio, which is being re-imagined in the older, but sturdier birdseye fabric. The birdseye fabric dries quickly and quilts up nicely if utilizing a dryer. While we loved the concept of this diaper, it was not a great fit on Sixta, and sizing is just as important to me as value. However, it is receiving rave reviews from other parents, who love the fit and quicker dryer time! This diaper is a sized diaper, meaning it comes in small, medium, or large. This diaper promises to come in adorable prints in the near future. We loved the mod prints available now however!
BumGenius Elemental Aio's are your simple but totally understated aio. They are THE aio to own for many, and their performance proves why! They run in the $24 plus range, depending on where you buy them, but they are totally worth every penny. I used to balk at paying such a price for a diaper, until I tried one...I have not turned back yet!! Here's why we love them: They have rarely let me down during naps, trips, or nighttime. This is a one size diaper that is adjustable with frontal snaps. The interior fabric consists of a lovely organic cotton, like the kind used in their Flips Organic Inserts. This cotton is so soft and absorbent! Be warned, however, that they do have a longer drying time. I usually dry mine in the dryer for one full cycle, and if they are still damp, I hang them up to air dry on hangers in my home. I prefer the aplix version which has been discontinued, but the snap closures work just as well. These are now being offered in the cool Artist Series of Prints. Names like 'Eiffel Tower' and 'Retail Therapy' make these totally trendy and marketable to the non cloth world. I received so many compliments on Sixta's Eiffel Tower print BumGenius at a recent event. The majority from non cloth users! Solid colors are also available.
And, finally, we arrive at GroVia's. Ohhh...I could go on and on about these... Let me just begin by saying, that two years ago, we tried GroBaby (the ancestral version of GroVia)diapers. I was impressed by their products, but they just did not work for us. Their former aio's used to be totally different at the time. Then, the company completely revamped their product line. Among the new, improved products was the GroVia Aio. It features long, stretchy wings to ensure a snug, custom fit. The outer fabric of this diaper is soft and supple. The inner fabric is similar to the BumGenius cotton, and very absorbent. We find these to be amazingly trim. I love their colors, which are Vanilla, Ice, and Cosmos. Better yet, are their new prints. One word. Gorgeous. I purchased all three available prints, as I feel they are amazing. I do own the Airplane print, which is currently available in the GroVia Shell (this is an All-in-two). This is a one size fits all or most diaper. These diapers are THE bulk of our stash, and we love every single one.
Other favorites include, Bottombumpers, Fishnoodles (whose name has changed), and others. We have yet to try all of them, but many have and love them. Among our 'must try' list is the Bottombumper! I am in *love* with their plethora of colors!! Total fluff overload!
So, there you have it folks. Visit any of the wonderful wahm shops listed in my links or any others you may find or prefer. I am certainly glad that I took the plunge and tried them. Until next time my friends! ** BWL!

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