Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Just wanted to post before bedtime, that I am so happy its 2011!! A new year means new resolutions and ideas! Today, I contemplated all of the past year's memories. My most wonderous was of our baby daughter's birth. My children are all blessings, and I feel humbled that the Lord has chosen me to be their mother. I look back with such happiness in my heart, when I remember their births and the days that followed. The laughter, tears, and sometimes heartbreak make each moment precious. And, every year that passes, is a reminder that time marches on, and that these moments are just flashes of light. My prayer for each of us this year, is to make the most of every minute. To live life to its fullest, and to treasure every baby smile, every first step, and every moment of wonder. Warmest wishes...may the Lord bless you and keep you this year===BWL

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