Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ReUse, ReCycle, Re-Diaper!!

I have had the greatest ol' time finding all kinds of awesome cloth diapering businesses all over the web.  Some are geared especially towards fabricating cloth diapering products made from recycled tees, wool, etc.  But, how about a store that resells awesome products at really great prices?  I chanced upon Re-Diaper.com one day, and thought "Cool Concept!"  This is directly quoted from their website.  "Our goal is to make cloth diapering simple, fun and affordable for as many families as possible!"  I think they are right on with that idea!  I like that their inventory is always changing.  Recently, I had the pleasure of working with the owner, while destashing. (Destashing:  the act of selling, trading, or giving away one's cloth diaper 'stash' or fluff.)  I think that this is a great opportunity to swap out diapers that you are not using for stuff you really want.  The great thing is that Re-Diaper.com is collecting donated diapers for needy families.  I myself am on the lookout for a great little pair of wool shorties, an interlock soaker, and a few couture fitteds.  Why pay full price, when I can save money and Re-Diaper?     


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