Monday, March 7, 2011

Out with the Old! In with the New!

Recently, I sold off a huge portion of our stash.  I was just ready to go back to simplicity.  I was missing Nikky covers, prefolds, wool!  I wanted something, just not what we had.   So, I sold everything in one lump lot.  I didn't even shed a tear as I packed away everything.  I think I was just so tired from having everyone sick a few days before, and so this helped with my parting of fluff.  And, so, for days after the sale of these items, I pondered over what to get.  I settled on a new diaper called the New Generation Hybrid, which is sooo cool and gorgeous to boot.  Next stop, was Zabi Baby.  We found our old beloved Nikky Diaper covers.  These were all I used with our oldest son.  Trim, cool, and affordable!   So, as of today, I am literally sitting on the couch near our bay window and waiting for our fluff to arrive.   Spring is well on its way, and so is our new stash!! 


 Nikky Covers available in Wool, Cotton, Poly, and Cotton/Poly Combo at Zabi Baby 
                                                Use current code DSM5 as of 3/7/2011 
 New Generation Hybrid Diapers available at  Green Carbon Living
                                                Look for a new post on these lovely diapers very soon!! 

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