Saturday, May 14, 2011

The hash on rash!

Our dear Sixta woke up one fine morning a week ago with the WORST rash in a long time. The rash comes and goes, but it has stuck around. The prescribed stuff we have wasn't working well either...

 Coincidentally, she has also been teething up a storm.  Anything near her mouth, is going to be chewed upon.  Ears, noses, your fave bracelet.  She is cranky and not at all above letting you know her discomfort!  And, with this lovely teething, we have had to fight some stomach woes.  Add that to her rash, and you have quite the problem.
I've read that teething does not contribute to diaper rashes, stomach upsets, etc.  Whatever!  These people obviously haven't been up at three in the morning for the last week or so.  But, I digress...
So, in an effort to keep my sanity I slathered on the 'white' ointment and whipped out the disposables.  I have lost a fave pocket diaper to this stuff, and its H-A-R-D to wash out.  So, I thought, 'these 'sposies should do the trick.'  Right?  WRONG!!!!  The whole other reason Sixta wears cloth, besides my love of a greener Earth, is her sensitivity to disposables.  So, add one more nightmare to our rash suffering.  Why had I done this to myself!  (Insert crazed, sleep-deprived laughter here!)  
I was at a loss.  The rash wasn't healing.  I pulled out a sample of CJ's Butter and slathered it on her.  I whipped out her softest bamboo flats and a stay dry booster.  One kite fold and Snappi later, Sixta was a different baby!  She slept through her nap, and then we repeated this throughout the night.  I used her breathable Nikky covers to keep things nice and dry.  This morning, I noticed a major difference in the irritation.
I have to say, that this rash humbled me.  I want to thank for the countless samples of CJ's Butter that the owner always puts in my orders.  This product did in one night, what countless commercial creams have not done in days!   I also love the stay dry effect of the doublers we used from Cotton Babies and Softbums.  Both products keep things comfy cozy!
And, so, I've reached the end of my story and the lesson I learned from it.  I could list countless ways to battle rashes, but I will only tell you, that keeping baby dry is the best of all!  I wish you a wonderful spring day, void of rashes or fishy smelling creams!  Until next time my friends!!   BWL

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