Friday, July 29, 2011

The calm before the Storm...

There's a sense of stillness in the air...The clouds are thicker than usual, and my children are still running around and laughing.  And, yet, there's a storm a-brewin' right now in our peaceful little Gulf...  I am preparing everything in the event that we have power outages or flooding.  My first thoughts were food, water, clean linens, etc.  But, my mind never strayed to "I have to buy Disposables."  Instead, I found myself washing all of our stash last night and then getting everything organized for at least a weeks worth of changes.  It was such a sense of relief to see all of our fluff washing and drying for the big event.  I am not too worried about not being able to wash due to electrical outages.  I have many covers and diapers that can be handwashed and dried IF the need ever arises!  This is where you rejoice for the little stash you have of flats and PUL covers.  So, I am off now to do my last minute shopping.  My thoughts go out to everyone who will endure this storm.  I pray for safety for you all.  But, I am happy that our drought stricken area will find some relief! This in itself is an answered prayer! 

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