Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Chocolate Milk Caper of 2011!! Part 2

"Let the fun begin!"  Or at least, this is what I kept telling myself.  I armed myself with the products I thought might be able to help.  I was about to clean the *DIRTIEST* diapers ever in my memory.  Could I do it?  Would I be able to emerge "The Chocolate Milk Caper of 2011" victor?  Would I have an excuse to buy replacement fluff?
As I lifted up the "specimens" with my swisher stick, I reminded myself that I do NOT have a spirit of failure.  I  whipped out our secret weapon-the soaking tub.  Now, everyone has their way of soaking.  However, I found mine.  Its a clear rectangular tub that I use to soak the occasional, misbehaving diaper.  The clarity of the tub allows me to see changes in water, suds, etc.  Now, it was about to face a huge undertaking!
Diapers were cleaned as best as they could be.  Then, I tossed the diapers in as is.  They were that bad, and I felt that sickened.  To help the soaking, I tossed in two scoops of oxygen cleaner and a small scoop of detergent to the tub of water.  I swished around to let the cleaners start their magic.  I let the diapers soak overnight in this.  Okay, at this point, most of my diapers would have been clean.  Not this time. These were stubborn stains.  So, I proceeded with Agressive Tactics.
I am not at all against using commerical products on my diapers.  Some like Tide, have their place in getting diapers clean.  Right now, I needed that cleaning 'oomph' to get this job done!!  I poured a small amount of TIDE with Bleach Alternative, on each diaper.  I made the trek to my backyard, and ran our water supply full blast.  I took a breath, rolled up my sleeves and rinsed.  And scrubbed.  And, said some words I am quite sure I said I never would.  The problem I found was mostly staining.  Thank goodness.  This meant that things were not as grim as I initially thought!  The stains proceeded to disappear before my eyes.  I am not exaggerating when I say that these were horrifically stained peeps!!  Then I let them soak once more in our soaking tub for about an hour.
Wash time!!  And, I was happy to say that the water was a lot cleaner and clearer than before.  I ran a wash with cold water and the amount of detergent needed for a load of this size.  A rinse, and a hot wash later, I bounded out to our washroom to see the results.  I lifted the lid and squealed with joy!!  (Only a parent who does laundry and uses fluff could understand!)  AMAZING!!  My diapers were super white and  super clean and smelled clean.  Not Tide clean, just fresh clean.  They looked brand new!  I had to phone my mom and tell her how I had managed to save some of the worst cases ever.  I was that happy.  She gave me a few more diaper washing tips (God Bless her) and I finished up my drying routine.
All is well with the world once more.  Looking at these diapers, you would never know that they were once headed for our trash bin.  I can only say, that with a little elbow grease, and a lot of persistance, you can emerge the winner!! 

Until next time my friends!!  BWL

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  1. For what its worth...chocolate milk is not a bad thing, its just a 'bad for us thing.' lol <3