Thursday, July 21, 2011

Diaper washing day...Fun for some.  For others, a nightmare!!  Lately, I have been asked about my personal washing routine.  Basically, I buy whatever strikes my fancy at the time.  We use this with a small scoop of Oxy Clean.  I do love the brand Green Works.   They have an excellent free and clear version.   I am using  the type from Sun brand right now.  Its cheap, and it gets the job done.
Now, I decide where my diapers lie on the Scale of Soil.  Yes, it does exist.  Ask your babies when they are looking at you with that innocent look on their face.  And, then once you open their diapers, you flip backwards.  Depending on the type of flip you do, this will help you decide where on the scale you lie.  lol...  Joking aside now.
If diapers are heavily soiled (think a binge of Oreo cookies with a wash down of chocolate soy milk), then I will do a soak with just the oxy and a small bit of  detergent.  I have been known to bust out the non-green types for this.  Don't be afraid.  Embrace your sanity and try this!!   I've been diapering for a long time, and this is what I find to be effective.
Now, if diapers are not stained but just plain stinky (think Grandma fed baby waaay to many gassy foods), then I bust out the Arm & Hammer sodas. You can choose between baking or washing.  Both work the same for me:)  I know they are different, but for me they do.  Please don't go all Chemistry 101 on me.  I just add from whatever orange box I happen to have on our shelf.  Then,  I add a squirt of whatever dish soap I have (Dawn-its a brand peeps, and I use what is sale and on my counter) and swish around and leave diapers soaking overnight in this.
IF the smell is overpowering (think Panther urine-lol), then I do a soak in a small bit of bleach.  BUT, only if they are bleachable fibers.  I never bleach PUL or TPU!!  The only diapers with PUL that have been touched by the long finger of Clorox are BG, and only because they give me the go ahead to do so every now and then.  (but I have only needed to do so once upon a dream).
After picking and choosing what soak I may or may not need to do, I wash everything with WHATEVER detergent works well.  If it cleans our towels, then it will clean our diapers.  If it doesn't leave my babies itching or fainting, then I can use it on their diapers.  Repeat this to yourself.  Dispose of guilt and commence washing!!  What this means simply put,  is that I have used with success, GAIN, TIDE, ALL, ERA, and my beloved PUREX.  Way back when, there was no RnG, Tiny Bubbles, or what have you.  I used plain jane Tide, and my kids skin didn't peel off and the stars didn't fall from the heavens.
Wash diapers once with cool water to get out the soaking suds.  Then do a HOT/WARM wash with nothing added.  Just rinse until you feel your diapers are clean.  Don't be afraid to sniff.  Don't be ashamed to see if any staining is left.  After all, these diapers cover your genetic offspring.  How scary can it be?   
In hindsight, wash day can be a real pain.  But, residue left in diapers is usually the cause of irritations and what have you.  It doesn't have to be a scientific equation parents!  Now, have fun on wash day, and sip a tall glass of iced tea and breathe.  Life is too short to be fussing over what to use!  Fluff is fun!  Repeat that, and then sip once more and say "AHHHHH..."  as your diapers soak, and you relax!

Until next time!!  BWL

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