Tuesday, July 26, 2011

DinkleDooz Review!!

      As promised, here is my DinkleDooz review.  And, since you've taken the time to read all about this lovely diaper, we are also hosting a great little giveaway!!  Still with me? GREAT!!  Time to begin!!
     We received our first initial DinkleDooz diaper to review and I was amazed at the softness of this pocket diaper.  Now, I have tried so many pockets in the last month or so.  But, this diaper just stood apart somehow.  I gave myself three weeks to fully research and review this diaper.  I wanted to be sure that this diaper would be put to the test.  Here are my results!
 The Review
     As far as quality, you will not be disappointed.  The DinkleDooz is very well put together.  I love the fleece that was chosen, as it does not pill very easily, and is very soft.  I also find, that it does not stain at all for us.  The snaps on the DinkleDooz are very strong, which is a good thing.  Too often, I have received pockets with snaps that cannot stay closed.  And, one last thing that I was impressed by, was the quality of the microfiber.  This is a very thirsty microfiber.  It can really absorb wetness very quickly.  I find it hard to beat when I pair both inserts together! 
    Since this  is a One Size pocket diaper, you will find three rise settings.  Sixta who is one,  is on the middle setting.  Now, Sixta is not a petite baby.  She has a well rounded  tummy and has these gorgeous and chunky legs!  She is usually on the last snap setting of any given one-size system.  But not with DinkleDooz!!  We have plenty of room to grow!!  Her older sisters both fit on the last snap setting very comfortably.  So, I can attest that these easily fit my three girls, who are all different builds and weights!  So awesome!!  I can easily see this fitting a larger newborn, as the wings on the DinkleDooz have ''Elast-O" Fit and a "Flap-Over" setting.  This simply means that your diaper can get as big or as small as you need it too!  Very impressive when you consider that most diapers very seldom live up to their one size promises!  Your DinkleDooz One Size Diaper will come with two sized inserts.  The smaller of the two is your newborn insert.  The larger for older babies.  If your baby is a heavy-wetter, then you can very easily use both of these inserts together for a very absorbent system!
     There are so many diapers out in the fluff world today.  And, I have tried almost all of them on our kids. But, when it all comes down to it, I just want a diaper that works and does what it is supposed to do.   I need for it to be comfy, absorbent, and affordable.  And, this is where DinkleDooz fits into my heart.  I would say that this is a very good and dependable diaper.   I have put all six DinkleDooz I own through several washes and they still look new. This tells me, that this diaper should go the distance during our diapering period.  I have since begged and pleaded with our favorite online store to carry these!  This should attest to my attachment to these. So, there you have it!  Have questions on Dinkledooz?  Drop me a line!  I look forward to helping you find the Dinkledooz love!!

This is my review, and was in no way influenced by the extremely cute diaper I received!  Thank you!!

The low-down on DinkleDooz One Size Pocket Diapers

1.) The exterior of the Dinkledooz is a P.U.L. fabric. that is both soft and stretchy.
2.) The interior of the Dinkledooz is a buttery soft micro fleece.
3.) This diaper has snap closures and fits a wide range of sizes.
4.) This diaper is currently being offered in different color choices.  Pictured here are the Red and Green.     Also available are:  Pink, Blue, White, and the Special Edition Orange with Yellow Snaps.
5.) Priced very affordable at $15.95 per diaper.
6.) Available at http://www.gogonaturalbaby.com  and http://www.easyclothdiaper.com

 Recommended:  YES!

Dinkledooz One Size Pocket Diaper

Interior of DinkleDooz Diaper.  Buttery Soft Micro Fleece!
Multiple Snap Settings for the perfect fit!!

Microfiber Inserts for Maximum Absorbency!

From Smallest to Largest!!

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