Monday, August 15, 2011

Troubles Only a Brownie Could Help

Oh...I have had a doozy of a day!  I have been cloth diapering for a very long time.  And, because not every diaper works for every baby, you have to sell off to recoup your losses.  I have stellar feedback.  On eBay, on other boards, etc.  I am proud of my ability to list items honestly.  But, this past week, I had my first experience with a less than wonderful transaction. 
You know that little voice that tells you something is wrong?  Well, I heard it clearly the day I answered a certain mama's email.  She really wanted the diapers I had listed, but I was full of misgivings.  Sigh....  I caved and one paypal transaction later, they were on her way to her.  I was very thorough with my listing.  So, I almost fainted when I saw her neutral feedback.  Oh, the feelings of anger, hurt, and heartburn that ran through me!!  I went on a carb binge to drown my sorrows...It was that bad.
One brownie (or two) later, I pulled myself together and contacted a Moderator.  Enough was enough.  Days have passed and I am not sure how this will turn out.  But, since then, other awesome transactions have passed.  I do not feel the sting so bad.  My warning is this, listings are subjective to everyone's opinions.  If I have learned anything it is to always approach new buyers with caution.  Ask more questions, whether you are the buyer OR the seller.  There is a reason why so many forums have rules.  Please obey them.  They keep everyone sane.  And, me away from carbs.  Until later!!       BWL

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  1. WOW that is sad im so sorry :( hope everything gets worked out