Friday, September 9, 2011

 We HEART Green Line Diapers!!

 So, like so many other moms around the world, we have discovered Green Line Diapers, and we are super in love with them!  So in love in fact, that I have stopped using pretty much everything else except our Gen-Y's, which gets lots of love from us too.  While we use our Gen-Y's over our fitteds, our Green Lines are our diapers that we use with these AWESOME and AMAZING bamboo blend soakers that Green Line offers.  I must say, that if you are a flat user, these are worth every penny.  I apologize for the wonkiness of my photo shoot.  My girls have been cooped up all day, due to the youngest having a really bad cold.  So, I literally had to cajole my teenage son with promises of pizza and video games in order to wrangle these baby girls into cooperating.  So, after much pleading and running, these are some basic shots of how these diapers work for our three very different girls!  They do indeed fit a wide range of sizes.  If you purchase an additional extender belt that is offered, you will further add to your usage.  I really like the kickin' prints that Green Line consistently offers their customers.  How can you resist prints with names like "Retro Ghost," "Bermuda Stripe," and "Samurai."  I LOVE IT!!  I must say that I watch for their stockings like I am waiting for pie to fall from the sky!!  Even better than their extensive print selection, is their custom option.  You send in your fabric and they send you back the most Uh-Mazing diapers.  I scour FSOT boards and Spots on Hyena Cart to find discontinued prints all the time.  I have scored some really cool and funky prints this way.   The Zebra print on Sixta is an example of one print that I get compliments on for being so sassy and couture.  Yes, that's me...all about how to make my diapering experience FUN and FUNCTIONAL!  Green Line Diapers are a toggle system with a drawstring on the leg.  Don't be afraid.  Embrace it.  Its amazing.  It will change how you feel about a custom fit diaper.  The back of the diaper cover is without elastic.  Afraid again?  Don't be.  These will keep it in and look so cute when they are flipped out to show their solid interiors.  I must say that their bamboo soakers are an essential part of their system and are key to keeping your system running smoothly.  Buy one, buy two.  Just try them already!!  You may find yourself hoarding them, and selling off all your other fluff to buy more!!
So, if I see you on the streets, or at the playground, and you approach me, I might say this-
"Hey!!  What?  You think my girls' diapers are sick?!  I totally agree!  You think the Boombox print diaper is wicked?  You betcha!  Where did I get them?  Its a little place on the internet called GREEN LINE DIAPERS baby!"

Now go look, see, shop.  This is Fluff Therapy, and I am out!

Stay tuned for my next article where I show you how we have our Green Line system all set up!!  Thanks!!
You can find these 'sick' (which according to my teenager and my younger brother means AWESOME) diapers, just go to:  Tell 'em Sonia sent ya!! <3 BWL

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