Friday, September 9, 2011

 We HEART Green Line Diapers!!

 So, like so many other moms around the world, we have discovered Green Line Diapers, and we are super in love with them!  So in love in fact, that I have stopped using pretty much everything else except our Gen-Y's, which gets lots of love from us too.  While we use our Gen-Y's over our fitteds, our Green Lines are our diapers that we use with these AWESOME and AMAZING bamboo blend soakers that Green Line offers.  I must say, that if you are a flat user, these are worth every penny.  I apologize for the wonkiness of my photo shoot.  My girls have been cooped up all day, due to the youngest having a really bad cold.  So, I literally had to cajole my teenage son with promises of pizza and video games in order to wrangle these baby girls into cooperating.  So, after much pleading and running, these are some basic shots of how these diapers work for our three very different girls!  They do indeed fit a wide range of sizes.  If you purchase an additional extender belt that is offered, you will further add to your usage.  I really like the kickin' prints that Green Line consistently offers their customers.  How can you resist prints with names like "Retro Ghost," "Bermuda Stripe," and "Samurai."  I LOVE IT!!  I must say that I watch for their stockings like I am waiting for pie to fall from the sky!!  Even better than their extensive print selection, is their custom option.  You send in your fabric and they send you back the most Uh-Mazing diapers.  I scour FSOT boards and Spots on Hyena Cart to find discontinued prints all the time.  I have scored some really cool and funky prints this way.   The Zebra print on Sixta is an example of one print that I get compliments on for being so sassy and couture.  Yes, that's me...all about how to make my diapering experience FUN and FUNCTIONAL!  Green Line Diapers are a toggle system with a drawstring on the leg.  Don't be afraid.  Embrace it.  Its amazing.  It will change how you feel about a custom fit diaper.  The back of the diaper cover is without elastic.  Afraid again?  Don't be.  These will keep it in and look so cute when they are flipped out to show their solid interiors.  I must say that their bamboo soakers are an essential part of their system and are key to keeping your system running smoothly.  Buy one, buy two.  Just try them already!!  You may find yourself hoarding them, and selling off all your other fluff to buy more!!
So, if I see you on the streets, or at the playground, and you approach me, I might say this-
"Hey!!  What?  You think my girls' diapers are sick?!  I totally agree!  You think the Boombox print diaper is wicked?  You betcha!  Where did I get them?  Its a little place on the internet called GREEN LINE DIAPERS baby!"

Now go look, see, shop.  This is Fluff Therapy, and I am out!

Stay tuned for my next article where I show you how we have our Green Line system all set up!!  Thanks!!
You can find these 'sick' (which according to my teenager and my younger brother means AWESOME) diapers, just go to:  Tell 'em Sonia sent ya!! <3 BWL

Monday, August 15, 2011

Troubles Only a Brownie Could Help

Oh...I have had a doozy of a day!  I have been cloth diapering for a very long time.  And, because not every diaper works for every baby, you have to sell off to recoup your losses.  I have stellar feedback.  On eBay, on other boards, etc.  I am proud of my ability to list items honestly.  But, this past week, I had my first experience with a less than wonderful transaction. 
You know that little voice that tells you something is wrong?  Well, I heard it clearly the day I answered a certain mama's email.  She really wanted the diapers I had listed, but I was full of misgivings.  Sigh....  I caved and one paypal transaction later, they were on her way to her.  I was very thorough with my listing.  So, I almost fainted when I saw her neutral feedback.  Oh, the feelings of anger, hurt, and heartburn that ran through me!!  I went on a carb binge to drown my sorrows...It was that bad.
One brownie (or two) later, I pulled myself together and contacted a Moderator.  Enough was enough.  Days have passed and I am not sure how this will turn out.  But, since then, other awesome transactions have passed.  I do not feel the sting so bad.  My warning is this, listings are subjective to everyone's opinions.  If I have learned anything it is to always approach new buyers with caution.  Ask more questions, whether you are the buyer OR the seller.  There is a reason why so many forums have rules.  Please obey them.  They keep everyone sane.  And, me away from carbs.  Until later!!       BWL

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Giveaway coming up!! Please spread the word :D

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Thank Goodness for Seconds Sales!!

BumGenius Deluxe AIO-currently on clearance!!*  

Today, I had a good amount of Bum Genius 3.0 AIO's in our diaper bag.  We had quite a day trip before us, and the last thing I wanted was to run out of cloth and have to use sposies.  So, thanks to the enablers at my favorite diapering forum (shout out to my peeps at DS), I have quite the stash of seconds.  I never understood why so many moms loved BG 3.0's.  I had only used the pockets and the Elementals.  However, when you see a diaper for $6.00 and free shipping, its like a rush.  You have to have that diaper.  And, its only later after you've bought three rounds of these, that you are grateful that you did!  I initially thought, these would work out for our diaper bag or for wash days.  However, these have gotten us through naps and car rides.  I always try to use a doubler with these, because I know my babies need the extra boost.  The only downside, is that they have aplix.  Which is good when your baby is small, but not when your child has gained dexterity and can remove her diapers with her thoughts!  Just kidding, but if you have a Gypsy Rose Lee in your home, then you know what I am talking about.  This was the diaper my darling child was wearing during the Chocolate Milk Caper.  So, you can see my apprehension with this diaper now!  Other than that, its a great diaper, and I am so happy that I was able to buy a whole passle of these at such a great price!!  I have both first and second quality BG products.  I honestly could not point out the differences between the two.  I hope that the fine folks at BumGenius will soon run a clearance sale on their second quality Artist Series and Elementals!!  That would be a great bargain!!  Until later!! 


*Second quality diapers can be found in the Clearance section of  !!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Chocolate Milk Caper of 2011!! Part 2

"Let the fun begin!"  Or at least, this is what I kept telling myself.  I armed myself with the products I thought might be able to help.  I was about to clean the *DIRTIEST* diapers ever in my memory.  Could I do it?  Would I be able to emerge "The Chocolate Milk Caper of 2011" victor?  Would I have an excuse to buy replacement fluff?
As I lifted up the "specimens" with my swisher stick, I reminded myself that I do NOT have a spirit of failure.  I  whipped out our secret weapon-the soaking tub.  Now, everyone has their way of soaking.  However, I found mine.  Its a clear rectangular tub that I use to soak the occasional, misbehaving diaper.  The clarity of the tub allows me to see changes in water, suds, etc.  Now, it was about to face a huge undertaking!
Diapers were cleaned as best as they could be.  Then, I tossed the diapers in as is.  They were that bad, and I felt that sickened.  To help the soaking, I tossed in two scoops of oxygen cleaner and a small scoop of detergent to the tub of water.  I swished around to let the cleaners start their magic.  I let the diapers soak overnight in this.  Okay, at this point, most of my diapers would have been clean.  Not this time. These were stubborn stains.  So, I proceeded with Agressive Tactics.
I am not at all against using commerical products on my diapers.  Some like Tide, have their place in getting diapers clean.  Right now, I needed that cleaning 'oomph' to get this job done!!  I poured a small amount of TIDE with Bleach Alternative, on each diaper.  I made the trek to my backyard, and ran our water supply full blast.  I took a breath, rolled up my sleeves and rinsed.  And scrubbed.  And, said some words I am quite sure I said I never would.  The problem I found was mostly staining.  Thank goodness.  This meant that things were not as grim as I initially thought!  The stains proceeded to disappear before my eyes.  I am not exaggerating when I say that these were horrifically stained peeps!!  Then I let them soak once more in our soaking tub for about an hour.
Wash time!!  And, I was happy to say that the water was a lot cleaner and clearer than before.  I ran a wash with cold water and the amount of detergent needed for a load of this size.  A rinse, and a hot wash later, I bounded out to our washroom to see the results.  I lifted the lid and squealed with joy!!  (Only a parent who does laundry and uses fluff could understand!)  AMAZING!!  My diapers were super white and  super clean and smelled clean.  Not Tide clean, just fresh clean.  They looked brand new!  I had to phone my mom and tell her how I had managed to save some of the worst cases ever.  I was that happy.  She gave me a few more diaper washing tips (God Bless her) and I finished up my drying routine.
All is well with the world once more.  Looking at these diapers, you would never know that they were once headed for our trash bin.  I can only say, that with a little elbow grease, and a lot of persistance, you can emerge the winner!! 

Until next time my friends!!  BWL

The Chocolate Milk Caper of 2011!! Part 1

I pride myself (humbly of course) at being able to remove stains and the occasional *scent* from our diapers.    However, while I was out grocery shopping, family members (who shall remain nameless for their own protection), gave the babies for some unknown reason...chocolate milk.  And, it was dairy.  Which is not a big thing, unless you have lactose intolerant children.  But chocolate goodness was consumed, and here is what happened.  I came home to THE WORST cloth diaper catastrophe ever.  Besides giving my babies chocolate milk, the youngest was also put in an aplix closing diaper.  A diaper, which she has learned to remove quickly and efficiently.  I nearly fainted when I saw the lactose induced nightmare before my eyes.  The mess, the stains, the smell, the HORROR!! 
Fast forward...babies were detoxed and changed.  Affected areas were completely scrubbed and sanitized with appropriate cleansers.  And, my sanity was once more intact.  Then I realized the project before my eyes.  It was every fluff using parent's nightmare.  I carried my diaper pail outdoors, and braced myself for the task.
'Okay, its not doable.  I will just throw these away.  Oh man, these were new diapers too!  I really loved the pocket, and I can't believe she got it on the outside aplix?!  How do you get this stuff on the outside?!  What do I do?! Gross, I should just go dump these right now.  I think I am going to throw up. What were they thinking giving them CHOCOLATE MILK?!?!?!?!?!?"
This was basically the conversation my cerebral mass was having with me for well over five minutes as I pondered the fate of these diapers.  These were the most challenging diapers I had ever faced in my decade and a half of cloth.  There was a lot of pleading, a whole lot of frustration, and even a tear or two on my cheeks.
So, did I throw them away?  Read on and find out what I did to see if these could be rescued!!